Time? Flying by.

Food? Who knew that a 15 month old could each to much?

Our little girl is quickly moving from baby to toddler. She is walking (mostly) and chatty (not in anything we understand). She is also the life of any party.


With Daddy at the American Art Musuem

Checking out the sites in DC for Father’s Day

Happy Easter!

It has been two months since we met Morgan. It feels like forever ago that we were in China. It was only six weeks ago. Last week Morgan turned one. This week, she decided it was time to stand up. It is utterly amazing how much she has progressed. In the past day or so, she has started “cruising” around the furniture. We went to the Dr for her one year appointment earlier in the week. She is right in the middle for weight and head circumference. However she is in the 8 percentile for height – which explains why all of her pants seem so long. The good news — in the past 6 weeks she has grown 3/4 of an inch.

She is showing more personality. A lot of giggles, smiles, frustration (pulling up is hard) and a little anger (I officaly got the first “death stare”).  We are gearing up for time with family and friends. Happy Spring!


Morgan had a wonderful first birthday. Thanks to all of our family and friends who helped us celebrate.




She continues to do well at home. We started a couple of baby classes and she enjoys being around the other kids. She is standing really well and belly crawls fairly quickly around the house.

It is 65 and sunny today! So, had to try out the park. Enjoy the pics from the past few days.



Tryng out my chair..


As of today, we have been Morgan’s parents for one month. It has been an amazing month. This little girl surprises us each day.

She continues to love people, which is great because lots of people have wanted to meet her. She does great at public things — the library, church, restaurants.

One month in and we have learned a ton (with decades more to come). So, here are the things people told us and you have to experience to belive.

  • Doing everything with a baby takes more time. There is a mental checklist each time we walk out the door…. diapers, check. wipes, check. toys, check. snacks/food, check. baby, check. Stop and put everything down and put on baby shoes for the third time, check.
  • They move through emotions very quickly — happy, crying, back to happy — in one minute or less. They communicate through these noisy and we are starting understand tired, hungry, up/down. If you wait, it will change.
  • They can go through three outfits in one day (always bring back up).
  • Gummy smiles make your heart melt

Things no one told us…

  • People love babies. It is amazing how accomidating people are when you have a baby. Everyone smiles, everyone waves.
  • Buy Lysol. Stinking “things” come with little ones.
  • The screaming is really, really loud. We have to get her hearing tested as part of the county assessment. At this point, I think I need my hearing tested more.
  • Teething stinks. Really, no one sleeps.
  • The mundane becomes fun. We enjoy getting her up from naps, feeding and giving baths. Really, what else is there?

She is moving through stages very quickly. She has gone from not sitting up to rolling VERY FAST across the floor. She has hair! She is getting teeth, which has shown us a crabbier side of Morgan. She now babbles a little more — da-da, ma-ma. She prefers to feed herself and has started spitting out baby food after a few bites. Our county has a good early childhood intervention program and they are coming out this week to do an assessment to help us understand what else we can be doing to help her.

And now what you have been waiting for! Photos!

Trying to Stand

Hanging out with Maddie and Justin